A Well-Designed School Curriculum

· M.Div students are required to earn about 80 compulsory credits and 20 elective credits. All courses are very effective in promoting and supporting student to learn the essentials of the Reformed theology.
· At the same time, HTS offers Th.M., Th.D., Ph.D. programs for students who want to have the higher level of theological studies.

Special Lectures & Publishing Ministry

· HTS provides many special lectures on both theological and pastoral topics. Students attend the annual "Pastoral Week of HTS", where worldly renowned pastors and church leaders are invited as speakers. Topics are carefully selected to represent current issues and to fit the needs and interests of today's ministry so that they may get a clearer sense of the field. In the fall, students attend the annual "Jung-Am Theological Lectures" hosted by HTS alumni association. It is named after Rev. Dr. Yoon Sun Park, the founder of HTS, who set a great example of a Reformed pastor and theologian. All participants commemorate and learn the spirit of HTS through study of his Reformed theology and life.

· HTS Press contributes to the learning and research needs of the domestic and international scholarly community by publishing two scholarly journals Hapshin Theological Journal (Korean) and Hapshin Theological Review (English). HTS library, one of the best and largest seminary libraries in South Korea, assists students, faculty and researchers by providing access to more than 170,000 volumes and a variety of academic resources.


Continuing Education for Field Ministry

· HTS offers continuing education programs for the graduates who wish to further study the integration of the Bible and their field ministry, which include Th.M. in BEP (Bible Exposition and Preaching, 2 yrs course). It aims to help pastors upgrade their preaching ministry. During vacations HTS offers an intensive two-week Reformed Theological Ministry course for pastors. The primary purpose of this course is to help them study the Bible seriously and enrich their understanding of the biblical texts. At the same time, HTS Cyber Center for Theological Studies offers online free lectures, highly qualified and carefully selected, for anyone who are interested in HTS courses.  

The Spiritual Training of Seminarians for Piety

· Every semester the school year begins with a special three days retreat. Students have an opportunity to confirm their calling and to share the love of God with others. During the semester, students are required to assemble every morning shortly after day-break for prayers. HTS has a policy of compulsory chapel services. Students who live in a dormitory should attend Wednesday evening service. Every semester, all students are required to take a Bible-knowledge exam. It aims to train them to be the ministers of the Word of God.

· HTS has a mentoring system, HMS (Hapshin Mentoring System), in order to help students feel connected to each other and make progress in their spiritual and academic training. Every small group consists in about 30 students (10 from each grade) and 1 professor as a group leader. Each group has regular meetings throughout the school year.


Excellent Financial Aid

· Over 60 percent of the current M.Div. students receive scholarships from many sources. Every semester the award to students is made by the recommendation of the Standing Committee on Scholarship. There are different types of scholarships, which are generally separated into two areas : need-based or merit-based.

· HTS also offers special scholarships that specifically target particular groups such as M.Div. students who (plan to) work in rural areas-farming or fishing community (Scholarship for the Ministers of Farming and Fishing Communities), Th.M./Ph.D. students who have demonstrated academic ability to serve Churches in Asia as professors in the near future (The Asian Fund), the graduates who are enrolled in a Ph.D. program abroad (The Lamp Scholarship). The primary purpose of the Lamp Scholarship is to assist the upcoming leaders or scholars of churches in Korea.

Vision for World Missions

· HTS has developed various programs to instill vision for world missions: M.Div. in Missions program for M.Div. students who will become missionaries, M.A. in ICS(Intercultural Studies) for M.A. students who need to learn intercultural and interdisciplinary perspectives on a globalised world in order to become specialists in evangelism for world mission.  

· HTS offers annual "Mission Week of HTS" and "Mission Practice and Training" a missiology course, where students can learn both theories and practices of missiology from worldly renowned missionaries and leaders who are invited as guest speakers. During vacations, the course instructor and students go to a mission trip for the purpose of internship training. In doing so, students gain valuable insights and experience in the mission field.





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