The history of HTS begins with its founding on November 11, 1980. HTS upholds 3 pillars of school motto which are founded upon the Reformed faith. Our school motto begins with a Korean word, "Barun," which means "upright," "correct," or (morally) "right" : "Upright Theology (God-honoring Theology), Upright Church (Christ-centered Church), Upright Life (Spirit-filled Life)." HTS takes the training of its students for the ministry and leaders of the church very seriously who, with the Word of God, will transform the world.

Since its inception, HTS has striven to live up to its motto. HTS, has provided a holistic education and training to the workers of Christ's church and His kingdom, focusing on a Biblical Reformed theology, Christian life of "Coram Deo," and a healthy Reformed church.  

As a result, HTS has produced a lot of pastors, missionaries and God's kingdom-workers who are distinguished for both piety and learning. Many of them have played a substantial role in the development of the churches in Korea, world mission and theological education. We have been thankful for this and gladly give all the praise and glory to God for His constant provision and grace.

HTS, as a center of Reformed learning, piety and spiritual formation, will continue to do what we have been doing-serving and embracing the world with the true knowledge of God, providing well-trained ministers of God's Word equipped with both learning and piety, sending out kingdom workers and leaders who proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth. If you want to serve God and His Kingdom through the ministry of the word of God, I invite you to come and join us here at HTS!


President Kim, Hark Yoo

Hapdong Theological Seminary





 50, Gwanggyojungang-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, (16517)  KOREA    |    TEL 031)212-3694~6, FAX 031)212-6204